Address: kutia postare 228/1 Tirane
Tel/fax: (04) 2231437

The ILIRIA organization is established on date 27.01.2003, with the permission and decision of the Court of Tirana, no. 511.
The main activity of the organisation is the contribute on protecting of the environment, protecting and developing of the association, preparing and implementation of the projects in environmental field, social, economic, doing of Social/Environment Impact Assessment from different activities, analysing and interpretation of social/environmental factors, human/natural resources etc.


The main directive organs of the organisation are: General assembly of members of the organisation, main board, head (chairman) and secretary of the association.


The annual budget of ILIRIA organisation is from;

  1. Annual payments from the its members (200 lek/year/member);
  2. Applications and the implementations of the different projects, in collaboration with other organisations.
  3. Applications and implementations of the projects by ILIRIA organisation etc.


Nr Assignment Name Implementation period Total budget (euro) Client
1 Civil society – effective actor in the implementation of the environmental acquis in Albania and Kosovo, financed by European Commission. October 2008 37,500 European Commission
2 Improving of life’s quality through environmental actions in of Maneza municipality May 2008 43,500 REC - Albania
3 Improving of life’s quality through environmental actions in Bogova Commune. May 2007 – September 2007 9,800 REC – Albania
4 The Manual of the Hunter (for Albanian Ministry of Environment) September - December 2007 7,000 Ministry of Environment
5 Some demonstrative actions in Maneza Municipality, based on good management practices, on local Lanscape November 2004-July 2005 12,000 REC - Albania
6 Study of Tirane-Durres area through satellite imagines. Training the staff of MoE on using GIS program October 2004 - July 2005 44,500 Ministry of Environment
7 Management activities in Managed Natural Reserve of Rrushkulli (Durres) January - February 2004 25,000 Ministry of Environment
8 Increasing of public participation in management of natural resources June - September 2003 4,500 MADA (Mountain Area Development Agency)
9 Increase of public participation in the management of natural resources. Liqenasi commune. Prespa national park June - August 2003 5,000 MADA (Mountain Area Development Agency)
10 Some protective environmental actions in Ishem landscape -Durres July - December 2003 18,000 Ministry of Environment
11 Preparation of Management plan for Dajti National Park, in collaboration with DHV – the Netherland, Halcrow – UK and Diava - Albania December 2003 – May 2005 33,000 General Directorate of Forests and Pastures
12 Sensibilisation Leaflets for communes; Gjerbes, Ishem, Derjan, Bytyc, Rreshen, Rubik, Manez, Kacinar, Kthelle, Milot, Orosh, Selite January 2002- April 2009 11,500 Municipalities of: Gjerbes, Ishem, Derjan, Bytyc, Rreshen, Rubik, Manez, Kacinar, Kthelle, Milot, Orosh, Selite

Existing equipments

  • Computer (P IV) - 3 (three)
  • Printer HP Colour Laser jet 3550,
  • Printer HP DeskJet 845c,
  • Scaner HP 5400 dpi
  • Office’s equipments.
  • GPS – 1 (one)

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